The CoCo Deco & Trendy

deco necklace

CoCo Deco and Trendy are new Chisa collections you can enjoy in a new way. The unique feeling of cool, sharp aesthetics is like no other CoCo Collection.
Woven delicate spheres of 18K gold and black rhodium plated silver are accentuated by fine diamonds. This series of fashion jewelry is a bit trendy but retains the original essence that the CoCo Collection is known for. The CoCo has now become a charm. You can enjoy this fresh new collection with a sense of subtle luxury and smart sensibility. You will enjoy the unique satisfaction that the sharp fashion of this collection offers, a distinctive sensibility independent and slightly aloof from traditional seasonal limitations of style.

Please take sufficient care when handling the delicate golden spheres as they are somewhat fragile.

CoCo trendy とCoCo Decoは ちょっぴりクールでシャープな雰囲気を味わえるコレクションです。ボールは18Kゴールド、ブラックな部分はシルバーにブラックメッキをかけ ダイヤモンドをプラスし さりげない贅沢感とちょっぴり大人な感覚を楽しめるコレクションです。ブラックでも季節感に関係なく 独特な雰囲気をかもしだし お洒落感を味わえます。